Thursday, July 12, 2007

Taj Mahal, a New York blues-country-jazz guy, is playing on the steps of the cathedral in Girona tomorrow night. I can't go, but I recommend that all the rest of you do. Here's a link to Taj's website, where you can hear all of his latest CD, and here are some Taj songs, all videos off YouTube:

"Linda Lu," live.

"Mailbox Blues," live.

"Fishin' Blues," live on a TV show. This one was on the third Let the Circle Be Unbroken CD.

"Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes," live at the Blue Note. Pretty good camera-phone recording.

"The Bourgeois Blues," an old Leadbelly song, live on some TV show.

"Sweet Mamma Janisse," Taj on TV back in 1971. Sound is good, film is bad.

"Tomorrow Might Not Be Your Day," another old appearance live on a TV show.

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