Friday, August 10, 2007

Junior Brown kicks ass. He does good songs, he has one of those deep country voices, and he's a virtuoso on his guitar, which he designed himself. Here's his website. And here's a set of Junior's songs, all videos from YouTube. By the way, the woman playing acoustic guitar is his wife.

"Highway Patrol," promotional video.

"I Hung It Up," live. Great phrasal verb exercise for English class, by the way. These next few were all from what looks like Austin City Limits, and were posted by the same guy, named ApeHouse.

"Free Born Man," live.

"Broke Down South of Dallas," live.

"Party Lights," live.

"Girl from Oklahoma," live.

"Sugarfoot Rag," live eight-minute extended guitar jam.

Surf instrumental. I recognize the song, but just can't think of the name.

"409," a recording session with the Beach Boys.

"Folsom Prison Blues," good camera-phone recording. Junior improvises the words and the crowd sings along. Great fun.

"My Wife Thinks You're Dead," good camera-phone recording from April 2007, posted by a guy called trainarollin. This one is probably Junior's bess-known song.

"Long Walk Back to San Antone," from the same show.

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